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Elevate Your Real Estate Game

with Tyler R Chesser

For today’s guest, his belief that “There is always room for improvement, there is always another level,” is a step closer to accomplishing all that you think is possible. Our guest, Tyler, is a successful real estate entrepreneur and personal growth thought leader. He believes anything is possible by combining effective real estate investment with constant and never-ending self-improvement. He is also the co-founder of CF Capital LLC, a real estate investment firm that focuses on acquiring and repositioning multifamily assets in the Southeast in the United States. Aside from that, Tyler is also the founder and president of The Chesser Companies which provides its cornerstone in the exceeding value through high-performance coaching and consulting for real estate investors. And last but not least, he’s the creator and host of the “Elevate” podcast. In this episode, Tyler shares his experience in doing real estate down in the Southeast, and the coaching program that he does in order to help people break through the challenges they have in order to maximize their business. Tyler firmly believes that through the combination of personal growth and real estate investing, you can create and optimize your life in the best way that you could possibly can. <p>If you are interested in investing with us, contact us on our <a href="">Investor Contact Page</a></p>

Daniel Holmlund

Mobile Home Communities

with Ryan Groene

Big things often have small beginnings. Though fairly new and a couple of years into his mobile home parks career, our guest today made good progress on amassing several mobile home parks and is currently growing his affordable home business. Ryan graduated from the Farmer School of Business at Miami University, Ohio in 2012 with a BS in Finance. During his academic career, Ryan played four years of collegiate baseball on the side. After graduation, he worked in the finance industry prior to getting into the mobile home park industry fulltime. Currently, his portfolio has grown to over five mobile home parks, spreading across 230 lots in the Midwest and Southeast Ohio. Ryan also serves as the director of operations for Buckeye Communities, where he oversees operations on over 500 lots, spreading across 8 parks in Ohio and Michigan. Ryan has been involved with almost every aspect of finding, running, turning around, re-financing, and selling mobile home park communities. In this episode, Ryan shares his practices and advice which he gained through a lot of hands-on experience; from acquisitions to property management, and to capital expenditures (capex). He also gives us a detailed overview on how he runs his mobile home park business. For some, it might be a small investment, but Ryan is a big dreamer, and with his focus on his business, who knows? Ryan might be the next biggest owner of mobile home parks in the US. <p>If you are interested in investing with us, contact us on our <a href="">Investor Contact Page</a></p>

Daniel Holmlund